ArtOral KM Master Kit Veneers

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The Klaus Müterthies kit for ceramic veneers. This is a new elegant box and an Art Oral KM selection with the masses used by the master to obtain the best aesthetic results. The retraction after firing Art Oral ceramics is so low and imperceptible that it becomes the perfect and ideal product for this type of work. The unattainable compactness of its surface also allows for incredible speed of execution with top aesthetics. It can be used with both the platinum foil technique and the refractory one.


very low contraction

Expansion control during cooking

Stunning final surface

Absolute chromatic reliability

Aesthetics TOP with few masses

6 dentines (bleach-A1-A2-A3-B1-B2) - 20gr
1 opaque dentin (A2) - 15gr
2 nail polishes (58-60) - 20gr
2 intensive dentines (yellow-orange) - 15gr
5 transparent (opal-light-orange-amber-sky) - 15gr
6 rainbow powder (orange-khaki-brown-purple-sugar paper-black) - 4g
1 modeling liquid - 50ml
1 glazing liquid - 15ml
1 Art Oral Kolinsky brush)


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