ArtOral ZR Opaque Dentin

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Grams: 15gr
Color: Bleach
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For Zirconium, Lithium Disilicate, Titanium.

With Art Oral ZR we have made aesthetics fast and improved reliability by preventing "chipping" phenomena thanks to the control of the increase in linear expansion of the product.

It can be used both on titanium-based alloys, is excellent on zirconium structures and is exceptional on lithium disilicate.

After 4 firings the dentine does not increase its linear expansion thanks to the control of the increase in Leucite crystals.

It has a hydrophilic surface structure, and allows, through a particular production process, to obtain a hardness equal to natural tooth enamel thanks to an ion exchange with saliva, once introduced into the oral cavity.

Cooking temperature 765°C


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