BB Cleaner

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BB Cleaner is the cleaner with three washing programs, the removable basket and the possibility of anchoring the printing platform to the lid without having to detach the object. Convenient and pourable, BB Cleaner allows you to directly immerse objects in the tub using the appropriate basket or arrange the model, anchored to the printing platform, inserting it from above: numerous adapters support the most popular printing formats. The convenient removable basket allows the operator to work away from the device, during the immersion or extraction of the object from the tank. Even the procedure for emptying the spent liquid can be carried out extremely easily and directly in the sink, without risking product leaks or accidental drips. BB-Cleaner uses a small tank of only 4 liters of product. This design choice, while guaranteeing numerous washing cycles, facilitates the disposal and cleaning processes and limits the problems of preserving the liquid inside the Cleaner, thus reducing costs and environmental impact.

Technical data

External dimensions: 320x330xh246
Washing compartment size: 145x145xh105 S
Washing system: Contact-Less agitator
Washing mode: basket or platform
Maximum liquid capacity: 4lt
Compatibility: Platform adapter on request (optional)
Programmes: Strong - medium - delicate
Management: 32 bit 80 MHz microprocessor
Interface: 2.4'' TFT touch screen
Connectivity: 2.4Ghz WiFi
Movement: Brushless
Power supply: 12V 2A external adapter
Supply voltage: 100-230V 0.3A 50-60Hz

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