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BeautiBond Xtreme 5ml

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The All-in-one universal performance adhesive suitable for all etching techniques and a wide range of restorative materials. In the development of adhesive systems, the trend is to achieve increasingly greater adhesion with simpler clinical steps. With the new BeautiBond

When it comes to reliable cementations, BeautiBond Xtreme is the ideal product. Thanks to the new type of silane ARS (Acid Resistant Silane coupling agent) an extremely stable chemical composition has been obtained capable of guaranteeing, without any additional primer, safe adhesion of different restoration materials - composite, noble and non-noble metal alloys nobles, glass ceramics, alumina and zirconium oxide – to the enamel and dentin. Whether the dentin surface is wet or dry, BeautiBond Xtreme bonds perfectly in both cases. In addition to the adhesion of direct and indirect restorations with the light-curing composite, BeautiBond Xtreme is indicated for the cementation of stump posts and stump reconstructions, for the repair of fractured restorations and for the sealing of preparations.

BeautiBond Xtreme adapts to the needs of the clinical operator. Regardless of the etching technique used, self-etch, total-etch or selective enamel etching, BeautiBond Xtreme guarantees a secure adhesive bond.

Thanks to its viscosity, the adhesive flows very well and can be applied precisely and without waste. The film layer, with a thickness of only approx. 5 μm, makes BeautiBond Xtreme, without fillers and HEMA, the best adhesive system, especially for minimally invasive procedures. Even in small cavities, shallow or close to the gum, it leaves sufficient space for highly aesthetic restorations, well cemented and perfectly integrated into the affected area.

BeautiBond Xtreme can be ideally combined with the established restorative composites of the Beautifil family. Regardless of whether you use BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus restorations adhere reliably to the tooth structure.


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