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Ceramill Sintron

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    Ceramill Sintron revolutionizes the CNC dry processing of non-precious metal restorations with table-top milling machines in your own laboratory. Thanks to its wax-like consistency, Ceramill Sintron can be easily milled dry. During the subsequent sintering process in a protective gas atmosphere, the structures then acquire the final characteristics of the material, becoming CoCr products with a very homogeneous microstructure. All conventional CoCr ceramics can be used for veneering. Ceramill Sintron was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden.

    Technical data

    Tensile strength: 900 MPa
    Module E: 200 GPa
    Density: 7.9 g/cm3
    Vickers hardness: 270 HV 10
    CDT 25 - 500 °C: 14.5 *10-6/K
    Elongation at break: 30%
    Open porosity: 0 %
    Silver colour
    Oxide color: grey-green
    0.2 % Elasticity limit (Rp 0.2): ≥ 450 MPa
    Corrosion resistance: DIN EN ISO 10271:2011-10
    Biocompatibility: ISO 10993-1


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    Dimensions: 71 XXS (10mm)
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