Ceramill Zolid HT+White

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Zolid HT+ is a highly translucent zirconium oxide that combines high mechanical parameters with excellent aesthetics. With over 1000 MPa the strength is in the range of the proven Zolid HT zirconium oxide, while the photo-optical characteristics far surpass its predecessor. Even large structures supported by implants with a gingival portion, thanks to their high translucency, convey the vitality of a natural tooth substance. Processing with an optimized milling technique produces an even finer edge configuration while providing exceptional edge stability. In association with the Ceramill Liquid "new formula" coloring solutions, highly aesthetic color results are obtained according to the VITA classical shade scale.

Technical data

Flexural strength: 1100 +/- 150 MPa
Module E: ≥ 200
Vickers hardness: 1300 +/- 200
CDT 25 - 500 °C: 10.4 +/- 0.5
Chemical solubility: < 100


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Dimensions: 71x10
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