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Coco Lux

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COCO Lux is the mobile dental photography solution to support users with mobile-optimized settings for accurate information of their dental photos and for instant sharing of the result and interaction with co-working partners.

The color rendering index (CRI) is the index that expresses the percentage similarity of a specific light with natural daylight. The CRI of natural light, therefore, is expressed as 100 Ra. COCO Lux features natural light properties (5,500K color temperature / CRI 90 Ra+) using LED to benefit from accurate hue and color determination.

COCO Lux is compatible with any type of mobile phone/smartphone in use with a width from 55mm to 89mm. The lighting module is adaptable to two flash modes (ring and double flash). The curved lighting part rotates 90 degrees to use dual flash mode both vertically and horizontally.

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