Golden Section Compass

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The golden ratio (or golden rule) is a ratio whose result is mathematically called "Phi" (1.618) or "phi" (0.618). It is now clear that the universe "uses" this proportion for its own construction: starting from genetic sequences up to the level of galaxies, passing through the construction of flowers, insects, a hand, a face or an entire body. Just as the human eye is capable of recognizing a perpendicular line, it recognizes the golden ratio as a constant of harmony and balance.
The Golden Section Divider it will allow you to assimilate and understand this concept "materially". Once opened, even slightly, the Golden Section always indicates two segments that respect and reproduce the golden proportion. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and assembled with the greatest care, the Golden Section is a small marvel of mechanical precision. It is presented in a box containing detailed instructions and an assortment of pre-printed blocks.
Numerous studies show that the golden ratio is one of the factors in the harmony of the smile and teeth. The Golden Section compass and the pre-printed blocks allow you to discover in a few seconds the theoretical ideal objective compared to a very real situation in the mouth.

Includes 6 pre-printed blocks.

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