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FormLabs Resin Model V3

€135,00 + IVA

Designed for printing crown and bridge models with removable abutments, Dental Model V3 resin for the Formlabs Form 3 and 3B is a very high precision resin. Ideal for printing clear margins and contacts within ± 35 microns, and removable stumps with tight and precise joints. A smooth, matte surface finish and neutral color make it ideal for switching from analog to digital model production. This V3 is the new reformulated version, with a general improvement in features.

1lt pack.

Applications of Dental Model V3
The main applications of this dental resin are mainly in the field of crowns and bridges, implants and similar models. We remind you that it prints removable stumps with precise margins and contact points with a tolerance of ± 35 microns. In detail it can produce:

  • crowns and bridges
  • transparent aligners
  • orthodontic models
  • diagnostic models
  • installations

Technical data

  • postproduction: 5 min at 60°
  • layer height: 50,100 microns
  • compatibility: all SLA 3D printers, LT tank of the Form 2, Tank 2.1 of the Form 3 or 3


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