Austromat 664i oven

€11.215,38 + IVA

Already prepared for ultra-fast cycles under 1 hour. DEKEMA patented high temperature precision thermocouple, suitable for speed without exceeding temperature. Patented DEKEMA tray system with up to 2 levels (ø 65 mm per level), invented to speed up or facilitate the handling of up to 40 units. No contamination and no discoloration. Absolutely clean - no purge cycle necessary.

Technical data

Nonstop - starts subsequent cycles immediately

10.4'' color touch screen display

DEKEMA Internet database oven connection

Program streaming on the Internet

Cloud: Data management in the DEKEMA circle

IoT (Internet of Things)

iDREAM: VNC viewer for remote control

X-DREAM: Computer program to query furnace status and send QM data via email

Quality management: Recording of process data


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