Ceramill Therm 3 oven

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With the Ceramill Therm 3 high-temperature furnace, the zirconium oxide structures reach their final density, from which the exceptional characteristics of the material derive. For sintering, the objects are placed on sintering beads, which guarantee a friction-free process and therefore the achievement of deformation-free structures. Ceramill Therm 3 offers high process safety through constant temperature management and homogeneous heat distribution in the cooking chamber. In this way the user has control and certainty that the structures have reached their final density and therefore their resistance. As many as 250 sintering programs can be stored and 3 AG-validated sintering programs are already pre-entered.

Technical data

Dimensions w/w/h: 500 x 461 x 480 mm
Weight: 30kg
Power supply: V/Hz 220-240/50-60
Power: 3.5 kW
Fuse (slow): 15A
Protection type – IP20
Thermal protection class according to DIN EN 60519-2: Class 0


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