Gemini LT oven

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Designed for efficiency with the unique dual-table model that allows technicians to program each table independently, even when one is cooking. The temperature can reach up to 1180ºC (2156ºF) with an accuracy of ± 1ºC. The fully adaptable programming range handles all ceramics and pressable materials on the market today. The non-aggressive pneumatic pressing system prevents cracking and achieves greater density. Includes various possibilities including full customization of cooling speed and holding time. Furthermore, the pre-programmed hardening process adapts to the different cooling speeds of zirconium, metal and porcelain materials. During the cooling phase, the mechanism automatically moves the work away from the hot area. Optimizes productivity by allowing one table to be programmed while the other is in the cooking chamber. Cooking chamber lined with superior insulation. Chamber entrance hermetically sealed to maintain temperature. Single-phase power supply for low consumption.

Technical data

Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm x 680mm (H)

Muffle chamber: Ø95 mm x 60 mm

Combustion table Ø 3.7″x 2.6″: Ø 90 mm; Ø 3.5″

Heating rate: 230V 10 to 100°C/ 50-212ºF; 115V 10 to 100°C/50-212ºF

Pump capacity: 230v 5A 115/100v 6.3A

Mains voltage: 230 V 1750 W 50/60 Hz

115V 1100W 50/60Hz

Vacuum level Up to 980 mbar

Up to 740 mmHg

Time in Min and Sec mm:ss

Temperature range 100° to 1180°C; 112º to 2156ºF


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