Sintra CS oven

€13.980,00 + IVA

The new SINTRA CS The new way of sintering zirconium oxide. Less than 20 minutes. Extra wide table, 70mm sintering capacity of 5 single crowns or a bridge of up to 7 crowns. Open system, programmable based on existing zirconia materials, and can be adapted to support future materials. Unlimited choices of heating, cooling stages and hold durations offer a wide range of programming capabilities. The furnace is universally compatible with a wide variety of zirconium oxide. Multi-process: crystallization, drying, glazing. No installation necessary, just plug & play. Very convenient access for loading and unloading crowns. Connectivity via WIFI or RG45 connection to our platform for connecting with devices for online operation and oven monitoring. This connectivity also provides service applications such as online software version updates, program downloads, and system diagnostics. Rapid cooling in the final phase which allows the crown to be held by hand.

Technical data

Maximum temperature 1750

Maximum sintering temperature 1600

Temperature ramp* 10 °C per second

Unlimited programmable steps

Number of programs 3

Width X Height X Depth (mm) 313X610X375

WiFi network port connection, RJ45

Power consumption 1800W

Cylindrical sintering chamber

Net dimensions 70mm

AC line voltage 100V – 240V

Power frequency 50/60Hz


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