Sintra PRO oven

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It's about accessibility and intuitiveness. The 7” full touch LCD screen is easy to use with an extremely convenient interface for easy programming. Interactive graphic screen. The multi-stage program is illustrated interactively on the graph and the elapsed time of the cycle is visually indicated by the color change. Sky is the Limit – Unlimited choices of heating, cooling and hold durations offer an array of programming features. The furnace is universally compatible with a wide variety of zirconium oxide. The oven can be monitored and controlled remotely from a PC, smartphone and tablet. Connectivity via Wifi (logo) connects to our platform for connecting with devices for online operation and oven monitoring. This connectivity also provides service applications such as online software version updates, program downloads, and system diagnostics.

Technical data



Maximum temperature

1800°C 1800°C
Maximum sintering temperature 1650°C 1650°C
Temperature ramp* from 1 to 70°C from 1 to 70°C
Programmable steps unlimited unlimited
Number of programs unlimited unlimited
Acoustic signal
Weight kg) 67kg 68kg
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 45X75X45 45X75X45
Network port connection * *
Energy consumption 1.5 kW 2.0 kW
Net dimensions of the cylindrical sintering chamber Ø 90mm X 100mm Ø 120mm X 100mm
Power availability:
115v 50/60Hz *
230v 50/60Hz * *
1 year warranty * *
USB * *
Maximum capacity 90 120
Sintering table standard modular

* Depending on the temperature in the sintering chamber


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