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FRADEANI - Aesthetic rehabilitation in fixed prosthesis Vol.1

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Aesthetic analysis.

Systematic approach to prosthetic treatment

Unanimously recognized elementary principles allow us to express a judgment on what is commonly considered beautiful. The look and the smile determine the strength and expressive qualities of each of us, since they represent forms of non-verbal communication capable of testifying joy, friendship, generosity, approval.
The aim of this text is the rationalization of the aesthetic parameters, the analysis of which is facilitated by the compilation of a specific aesthetic folder which allows a systematic approach through facial, dento-labial, phonetic, dental and gingival analysis. The suggestions provided for each individual parameter constitute a further guide to the formulation of a treatment plan that is as personalized as possible based on the patient's clinical situation, which often requires multidisciplinary treatment and the involvement of other branches of dentistry. This type of clinical approach allows you to ideally integrate prosthetic rehabilitation from both a biological and functional point of view and, combined with the application of aesthetic principles, allows you to restore to the patient the pleasantness of a smile, which is certainly not achievable by resorting only to one's own experience or to your intuition.

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