Ceramill Matik milling machine

€76.990,00 + IVA

Combine three appliances in one. In addition to the actual processing station, the unit also performs the functions of a fully automatic warehouse management system and machine cleaning device. In addition to innovative processing methods such as the patented Carving (60% time saving), Thrilling (production of one-piece abutments) and rapid milling of synthetic materials, Ceramill Matik also offers the greatest variety of materials, ranging from hard to brittle materials in blocks, to those based on zirconia and PMMA, up to metallic materials.

Technical data

Power: 400W
Axes (processing + management): 5 + 4
Processing mode: Automated switching between wet/dry modes
Spindle torque: 11.2 Ncm
Spindle speed: 100,000 rpm
Tool management: Tool Stock of 27 replaceable tools
Supports with RFID management, twin tool management
Material Management: Automatic material management with RFID-managed material holders, 36x Blank Tank blank warehouse
System dimensions (PxLxH): 780 x 1265 x 2000 mm
System weight (empty/max.): 520/625 kg
Peak compressed air: 400 l/min at 8 bar in cleaning mode



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