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Ceramill Matron milling machine

€66.900,00 + IVA

Ceramill Matron is the first fifth generation milling machine with superior properties compared to machines of previous generations. Its extraordinary features make it more durable, faster and smarter than conventional milling machines. Exceptional precision and excellent milling results for a wide range of materials, especially in the field of carbide processing, together with automatic order processing for up to 8 blocks, constitute the distinctive features of the Ceramill Matron. As part of the established Amann Girrbach workflow, the Ceramill Matron is the perfect product for dental laboratories and practice laboratories who want to promote the digitalisation of their prosthetic workflows and have the highest demands on quality, cost-effectiveness and who they love exercise your craftsmanship.

Operating concept / Ease of use

  • 21" Courved-Touch display for direct communication
  • Guided work processes
  • SnapMag – Plug&Play tool management

Scope of applications

  • Wide scope of applications, including metalworking
  • Dry and wet processing
  • 5+ axis milling
  • High production speed


  • Self-calibration
  • Automatic tool change
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Tools and blank holders supported by RFID technology
  • HD camera for direct support
  • Automated tool inventory
  • 8-seater rough changer

Technical data

Dimensions D/W/H (mm) 695 x 940 x 850 with blank changer
Empty weight/max (kg) 150
Electrical connection value 100-230V - 50/60Hz, 220W
Spindle power (W) 800 (continuous power), 1,370 (peak power)
Spindle speed (rpm) 80
Spindle torque (Ncm) 12
Collet (Ø mm) 3 or 6
Motorized axes 5+3
Scope of applications 5-axis milling and grinding (dry/wet)
Camera system Full-HD video camera
Min. air requirement 6 bar and 50l/min


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