Girobond NB

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Girobond NB is an innovative adhesive alloy for the crown and bridge technique. The special, carbon-free composition of this CoCrMo alloy with its doping fines offers optimal properties and guarantees excellent results. Also suitable as a universal clasp prosthesis alloy for cast models, large telescopic work and delicate superstructures. Easy to eliminate by any method. Elaborate manufacturing using the precision casting process ensures quality advantages: protective cerium oxide coating, no discoloration, corrosion protection, improved metal-ceramic bond. Relatively soft alloy, easy to mill. Dense surface that can be easily polished to a mirror shine: Niobium acts as a fine-grain former when the melt solidifies. Carbon free and therefore without risk of cracking, easily laser welded. Problem-free and safe aesthetic veneering with all metal-ceramics; CTE of 14.6. Thanks to melt mirroring, no overheating of the melt.

Technical data

Yield strength Rp 0.2% [MPa] 620
Tensile strength Rm [MPa] 850
Modulus of elasticity E [GPa] 210
Elongation at break A [%] 10
Vickers HV10 hardness 320
Casting temperature [C°] circa 1510
Solidus melting range [C°] 1370
Liquidus melting range [C°] 1400
Specific weight [g/cm³] 8.5
CET 25-500 C° [x 10-6 K-1] 14.6
CET 25-600 C° [x 10-6 K-1] -
Composition by mass % Co 62
Composition by mass % Cr 25
Composition by mass % Mo 5
Composition by mass % W 5
Composition by mass % Yes 1.2
Other < 1% Ce, Nb, Fe, N
Grams: 250 gr
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