Girobond NBS

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Girobond NBS is a pioneering adhesive alloy for crown and bridge technology. The specific composition of this CoCrMo alloy, with fine additives but no carbon content, provides optimal properties for exceptional results.

1kg pack.

  • CrMo bonding alloy free of nickel and beryllium.
  • Excellent laser welding behavior, no risk of crack development as it is carbon-free.
  • Also suitable as a universal alloy for model-making skeletal prostheses, large telescopic cases and delicate superstructures.
  • High homogeneity within batches and good reproducibility thanks to the optimized production process.
  • Suitable for casting by any standard method.
  • Good controllability of the melting and casting process.
  • Easy milling (310 HV10).
  • Dense surface, good polishability, rich gloss.
  • Completely trouble-free and safe veneering with traditional veneering ceramics that meet the thermal expansion coefficient of Girobond NBS 14.1 x 10-6K-1 (25-500°C).

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