Kuraray PANAVIA SA Cement Universal

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PANAVIA SA Cement Universal is the only self-adhesive resin cement containing the exclusive LCSi silane, which adheres to any material, including glass ceramic, without the need for a separate primer. Thanks to the original LCSi monomer, the cement offers a strong and long-lasting chemical bond to ceramic, lithium disilicate and composite resin. The original MDP monomer, also present in the paste, allows chemical reactivity with zirconia, dentin, enamel and metal alloys.
Thanks to the success of our PANAVIA™ SA Cement Plus, PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal also offers the same wide range of adhesive cementation indications and is suitable for crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays, posts, and even adhesive bridges. Thanks to its powerful one-step adhesion formula, cementation is easier than ever.

Technical data

Release of F ions:

Contains sodium fluoride for surface treatment (less than 1%)

Storage temperature:

2 - 25°C / 36 - 77°F

Filler load:

62% by weight (40% vol)

Compression force1:

300 MPa

Flexural strength1,2:

91 MPa

Flexural modulus1,2:

4.6 GPa

Water absorption1,2:

27 µg/mm3

Film Thickness:

Approx. 14 µm


170 % Al

Working time (23°C):

60 sec


HANDMIX UNIVERSAL A2 (9.2gr - 5ml)

HANDMIX WHITE ( 9.2gr - 5ml)

AUTOMIX UNIVERSAL A2 (1 string of 8.2gr and 20 mixing tips)

ENDO TIP SS for AUTOMIX (20 mixing tips)

Instructions for Use

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