Giroinvest Super Liquid

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Giroinvest Super is a universal, adjustable expansion veneer designed for use in fixed denture technology such as bridges, crowns and inlays, as well as with press-on ceramics. This coating offers the flexibility to be used with a wide range of alloys, including noble, semi-precious, base and press-ceramic materials.

A distinctive feature of Giroinvest Super is the possibility of regulating the setting expansion of the material by modifying the mixing ratio between water and liquid. This allows for variable setting expansions, ranging from 1.2% to 4% by volume. This ability to precisely adjust the expansion provides a high level of fit desired to ensure precision in both the upper and lower areas of the dentures. The product can be used with both fast preheating processes and conventional preheating methods. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Giroinvest Super can be used both with and without a metal cylinder. When used without a cylinder, a free expansion effect is obtained.

Technical data

  • Hardening expansion 2.8
  • Thermal expansion 1.2 %
  • Total expansion 4.0%;
  • Processing time 5 min
  • Setting time 30 - 35 mi

Instructions for Use

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