NextDent Tray

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High quality material for 3D printing trays. NextDent Tray is a Class I biocompatible material designed to print individual impression trays. The material stands out for its high printing speed and precision. NextDent Tray resin allows technicians to fabricate even the most complex trays in minutes. The molded trays are rigid and suitable for all types of impression material, making high-quality, precise impressions possible.

Technical data

Property Requirements Result ISO standard
Maximum bending resistance ≥ 50 MPa 81 ISO 20795-1
Flexural modulus ≥ 1500 MPa 2015 ISO 20795-1
Residual monomer ≤ 2.2 % (w/w) <0.1 ISO 20795-1
Biocompatibility Not cytotoxic Satisfy ISO 10993-1
Biocompatibility Not mutagenic Satisfy ISO 10993-1
Biocompatibility Not a sensitizer Satisfy ISO 10993-1



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