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Panavia V5 Intro Kit

€145,19 + IVA

PANAVIA™ V5 is the strongest cement we have ever developed: a highly aesthetic cement, available in five beautiful shades. There is no better product for permanently cementing crowns, single-wing flag bridges and aesthetic veneers. Even in the laboratory, PANAVIA™ V5 is the most reliable product for cementing implant abutments.

Treat the surface of the restoration and apply primer to the preparation. Finished. With this simple procedure, you can cement all the work. CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS is ideal for treating dentures, metals, ceramics, zirconia and other dental materials. Just apply the product and proceed. And to prepare the tooth, apply PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer for 20 sec. and let dry.

One drop of PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer contains one trillion active molecules, original MDP, that create a long-lasting bond with hydroxyapatite, metals, composites and zirconia. A cornerstone in dentistry, MDP monomer is also the secret ingredient in CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC Primer Plus.


1 syringe/paste (2.4 ml),

Tooth Primer (2ml),

CLEARFIL Ceramic Primer Plus (2 ml),

K-ETCHANT Syringe (3ml),

10 mixing tips,

50 applicator brushes,

mixing plate

Instructions for Use

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Color: Universal A2
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