UV Vacuum+Gas polymerizer

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PHOTOPOL (A5408V) is equipped with 6 circuits of 8 LEDs (Hi-Power SMD), each with a special reflector to make the most of the radiation power emitted. The operating spectrum allows the processing of objects produced by 3D printers operating at both 385nm and 405nm wavelengths. The full-color touch-screen allows you to select parameters and save set programs. The work cycles can be carried out under vacuum (the vacuum pump, powerful and small in size, is internal) and the unit also has a fitting for connection to an external inert gas system (Nitrogen N2) in compliance with the indications for the treatment of 3D resins certified in Class IIa as "Medical Devices". The “Vacuum+Gas System” function also allows you to dose the quantity of gas introduced during each cycle (1.5 liters per cycle), guaranteeing significant gas savings and minimizing the quantity of inert gas released into the environment.

Technical data

VACUUM+GAS System: for biocompatible 3D resins in Class IIa
DIGITAL: software management and Full-Color Touch-Screen
Photopolymerization area: useful area diameter 135mm xh/80mm
Circuits / LEDs: 6×8 (48 LEDs) – circuits equipped with special ALANOD reflectors
Wave range: Spectrum 350nm-450nm
Voltage: 230V – 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 500W
Dimensions: mm 400x400x240H
Weight: Net 15kg – Gross 17kg

Data sheet

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