Ceramill Map 600 scanner

€16.490,00 + IVA

The scanner contains an integrated universal support plate for all commonly used articulators. Thanks to the Splitex integration you can use all the accessories of the Map portfolio. The intelligent scanning height adjustment automatically moves the object to be scanned into the best scanning area and thus offers the operator greater process safety, maximum comfort and protection against misuse. The new drive technology with an automatic Z-axis ensures ultra-precise and fast movements. The high-sensitivity industrial 3D sensor with Blue Light technology guarantees exceptional depth sharpness and ensures a scanning precision of 4μm.

Technical data:

Aces: 3
Dimensions w/w/h: 415 x 424 x 469
Weight: 25kg
Power supply: 100-240V/50/60Hz
Fuse: T 2 x 1.6A
Power: 60
Accuracy: 4 μm
Accuracy (μm) within
implantology work: 10
Full arch scan (seconds): 18
Single abutment with Ceramill M-Die
(seconds): 4.5


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