TRIOS 3 Wired

€16.900,00 + IVA

Reliable, loved and award-winning. TRIOS 3 is a reliable, AI-driven tool that makes it easy to create accurate, true-color scans and send them to your trusted lab.

30% lighter. Smaller than 10%. With fewer cables.

The TRIOS 3 pod holder keeps your workstation tidy. Fewer cables, greater convenience. Plus, the LED indicator lets you know when the device is connected and ready to use!

This dental scanner includes patient engagement apps for free. They offer new and countless opportunities to interact with patients, evaluate treatment proposals and further increase the acceptance rate of cases.

TRIOS 3 is new on the outside, as reliable as ever on the inside, and comes with everything you need to start scanning right away. From the scanner to the pre-configured computer, to the improved pod and help with onboarding.


Scanner: TRIOS 3 scanner handpiece, scanner pod with USB-C port, 1 meter USB-C cable, TRIOS 3 color calibration kit.
Tips: 5 autoclavable scanner tips, 1 TRIOS 3 protection tip.

Technical specifications


Pod or MOVE+
Depending on how you plan to use the fingerprint scanner, you can choose between a configuration with pod and computer and a configuration with cartMOVE+ with built-in computer and adjustable screen.


TRIOS 3 digital images are intended for the following applications:
- Restorations
- Orthodontics
- Implantology
- Evaluation of dental status.


TRIOS precision
Internal verification tests with full-arch scans demonstrate that TRIOS has great clinical accuracy for different workflows: 100μm of accuracy.

Light and output
TRIOS 3 acquires 1875 images per second, uses LED as a light source and produces PLY, DCM and STL files.

Size and use
TRIOS 3 has the same dimensions as TRIOS Core, with measurements of 4.8x4.0x27.3 centimeters (HxWxD). It weighs 340 grams, including the tip.

Improved Pod
The pod has been improved to take up less workspace. It's 30% lighter, 10% smaller and has fewer cables. Plus, the LED indicator lets you know when the scanner is connected and ready to use!


TRIOS computers
Included in your order, you will receive a pre-configured, 3Shape-approved computer with TRIOS software installed. All computers are running Windows 11 pro.

Other computers
For a CAD/CAM solution that does not require TRIOS scanning, you can select a PC based on the minimum PC requirements for 3Shape software packages.

Ethernet connection
Another important element of your solution is Ethernet speed. All communications with laboratories, partners and servers will take place via the Ethernet connection. The faster the network, the faster you can send and receive an order. A typical 30Mb TRIOS order will take approximately 30 seconds to transmit over a 10Mbit/s line.


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