TRIOS 4 Wireless Pod Intraoral Scanner

€19.900,00 + IVA

The new powerful processor ensures a stable Internet connection for better productivity, while the smart cable offers more convenience. Smart tips with instant heating and longer battery life. The new generation of smart tips with instant heating technology reduces scan preparation to seconds, increasing battery life by 30%. Option for caries diagnosis. Digital identification and early treatment of potential superficial caries, with the ability to simultaneously perform standard 3D scanning and one-step superficial caries scanning. TRIOS 4 wireless is equipped with three rechargeable batteries. The new batteries allow a continuous scan of approximately 45 minutes. Charging time is 3 to 6 hours, depending on the battery charge level at the start of charging. Includes scanner handpiece, 5 scan tips and a protective tip, and pod holder to store the scanner when not in use. It comes with a power cord for scanning in a wired configuration. Charger with 3 batteries, a wall mounting kit and a power cable suitable for your country. Wireless adapter, USB dongle with software, Ethernet cable, USB to Ethernet adapter, 3Shape subscription dongle.

Technical data

Weight (battery included): 375 g
Light source: LED
Output format: PLY, DCM and STL
Dimension: 4.2 x 27.4 cm
Diameter: 12cm

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