Intraoral Scanner TRIOS 5 Pod

€24.900,00 + IVA

Its intelligent alignment technology for creating a 3D model results in precision scans, easily and efficiently. Our new scanning engine avoids stitching errors by reconstructing and building the 3D model during scanning. Now you can scan your patients in any direction you want and create a scan path that works best for you. ScanAssist ensures that the 3D scan model you generate is continuously updated with the latest information. As a result, the alignment of your scan data will be nearly perfect, and you'll end up with an extraordinarily high-quality scan, regardless of your level of scanning experience. The scanner is calibration-free, meaning there is no need to calibrate after a certain number of scans. It is always ready for use! An LED ring on the scanner indicates the scanner's status: it tells you when it's plugged in, the battery is low, or the tip is ready, for example. The scanner uses haptic sensation, a subtle vibration, to provide feedback. Point at the screen and use the button to select the next step or rotate the 3D model. No more touching (and cleaning) your mouse. Scan up to 33 patients per battery. When you are not using the scanner, it goes into sleep mode to save battery. It then reactivates when you pick it up again. Simply powerful. The charger has two slots. The third battery can stay inside the scanner for a full day of scanning. 30% smaller and 20% lighter than TRIOS 4.

Technical data

Pod dimensions: diameter 11 cm
Light source: LED
Output format: PLY, DCM and STL
Scanner dimensions (WxDxH cm): 26.6 x 3.7 x 3.8
Tip dimensions (WxDxH cm): 9.5 x 2.26 x 1.95
TRIOS 5 wireless comes with three rechargeable batteries.
Battery dimensions (LxWxH cm): 7.7x2.17x2.42
Battery life (continuous scanning): Instant warm-up and up to 66 minutes of continuous scanning per battery.
Scanner sleep mode: The scanner can remain in sleep mode with the battery inserted for more than 7 days.
Battery charging time: 60 minutes to reach 80% battery charge. Less than 2 hours to get 100% battery charge.
Scanning via WiFi possible with TRIOS Share.

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