Scanner Lab MEDIT T510

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CAD/CAM dental work requires the highest precision to produce well-designed bridges, implants and bars. The MEDIT T Series ensures the highest quality scans with high precision, adhering to rigorous international standards, including ISO 12836, ANSI/ADA standard no. 132 and VDI 2634. Make your work more effective by using multi-die to scan an arch or partials with multiple dies at the same time. To reproduce the exact orientation of the occlusion, nothing beats scanning the occlusion in the articulator itself. The MEDIT T series comfortably accommodates any articulator available on the market.


  • Color texture
  • Flexible scanning
  • Articulator scanning

Technical data

  • Camera resolution: Mono 5.0 MP x2
  • Dot spacing: 0.040mm
  • Scanning area: 100 x 73 x 60mm
  • Scanning principle: optical triangulation with phase shift
  • Dimensions: 505 x 271 x 340mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Cold blue LED light source, 150 ANSI lumen
  • Connection: USB 3.0 Type B
  • Current: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836): 7 microns
  • Full arc scanning speed: 12 seconds
  • Automatic elevator included
  • Color webbing included
  • Articulator scan
  • Shipping costs extra.

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