SHOFU Beautifil II LS

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Low shrinkage paste composite for restorations in the anterior and posterior sector: beautifil II LS (Low Shrinkage), developed from the consolidated Beautifil II, guarantees the dentist minimum shrinkage with maximum aesthetics. The key feature of this universal paste composite is the extraordinarily low polymerization shrinkage of only 0.85% by volume. It is also characterized by excellent polishability and natural color adaptation to the tooth structure. The material contains bioactive S-PRG fillers that act simultaneously as a source and reserve of fluoride: based on the concentration of fluoride in the mouth, they release and recharge this trace element – ​​for a restorative therapy that is stable over time and is cario-protective.
Used in combination with BeautiBond, the “all-in-one” adhesive, perfectly matched to the system, the carious-protective action of the S-PRG filler technology is increased. Beautifil II LS achieves a well-balanced chameleon effect in both dentin and enamel thanks to its natural light reflection. This light-curing universal composite can be polished quickly and easily and has a long-lasting surface shine.


  • Direct restorations in the anterior and posterior sector
  • Repairs of restorations and prostheses


  • Low shrinkage (< 1%) and shrinkage tension
  • Excellent polishability and long-lasting shine
  • High abrasion resistance and surface hardness while respecting the antagonist
  • Natural transmission and diffusion of light
  • Long-lasting fluoride release and refill
  • Color range identical to that of Beautifil II

Technical data

Polymerization shrinkage: 0.85% by volume according to ISO 17304:2013 (E)
Shrinkage stress: 10.9 MPa
Compressive strength: 364 MPa
Flexural strength: 117 MPa
Vickers hardness: 46 HV
Wear: 1.41% of weight
Filler concentration: 82.9% by weight
Cure depth: 2.4mm
Radiopacity: 2.0 Al:mm


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