SHOFU Ceramage Up Concentrate 5gr

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Flowable, light-curing microhybrid composite for the free layering technique: This new high-tech material combines all the positive characteristics of ceramic and composite. The perfectly synergistic layering protocol with opalescent incisal masses and translucent masses, with their optical-luminous characteristics that imitate the natural tooth, allows the creation of aesthetic restorations that present a brilliance in all light conditions.

The matrix with ceramic fillers and the compact and homogeneous nanostructure guarantee high resistance to abrasion and bending and color stability. The ready-to-use thixotropic masses allow you to simply model the shapes of the teeth directly from the appropriate dispenser, with a probe or brush. The individual masses are fluid yet stable, easy to shape, grind and polish. They can also be mixed together for unlimited characterizations.


  • An almost unlimited range of indications
  • Simple reproduction of all tooth shades according to the VITA* Classical shade guide
  • Natural aesthetics and opalescence
  • Extraordinary resistance and abrasion characteristics
  • Excellent polishability and surface density
  • Plaque resistant and chromatically stable


  • Fully veneered crowns, bridges, superstructures on telescopic crowns and on implants
  • Work on attacks
  • Occlusal aesthetic veneers
  • Inlays/onlays and veneers
  • Long-term interim
  • Characterization of prosthetic teeth



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