Shofu Disco ZR Lucent Supra

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Dimensions: 98x14 mm
Color: A1
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SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra combines three variants of highly resistant zirconium oxide in a high-performance Multilayer material. The increasing degree of translucency from the cervical area to the incisal area and the extraordinary flexural strength at every point make this material an ideal solution for every clinical challenge.

Whether monolithic or partially or completely coated, Shofu Disk ZR Lucent Supra allows you to obtain excellent results in all cases. A broader spectrum of indications is thus covered, which also includes bridges of up to 14 units with two intermediate units in the anterior and posterior area.

Thanks to the greater reflection of light in the cervical area compared to ZR Lucent, ZR Lucent Supra also ensures an extremely natural appearance, especially in cases where greater masking is necessary, such as on discolored stumps and on implants.

If necessary, monolithic restorations made with SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra can be aesthetically optimized and sealed with stains and glazing materials. If you want to aesthetically refine a reduced structure, you can complete the anatomical shape with the ZR dentin and enamel masses. Brighter, brighter, more natural.

The balanced relationship between natural translucency and high strength depends on the different grain sizes of the individual layers. The restorations are brighter, brighter and more natural than those made with conventional translucent Multilayer zirconium oxides.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra also features high strength, greater than 1,000 MPa, across the entire height of the disc ensuring greater safety for very large restorations. You can then freely choose the ideal position on the disk (nesting).



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