SHOFU Lite Art Color Full Set

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The Lite Art light-curing paste stains are fluorescent, can be applied with a thin layer like ceramic and polymerize after a short exposure time thanks to brand new monomers and multifunctional photoinitiators. They are perfectly suited for creating internal color changes in resins, composites, prosthetic teeth or hybrid ceramics. By simply layering incisal or translucent masses over the polymerized stains, even the smallest details can be created accurately.


  • Characterization of ceramic-optimized composites, conventional composites and hybrid ceramics: Crowns/bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays
  • Shade adaptation of prosthetic teeth: Composite teeth, acrylic teeth
  • Individualization of denture bases: Partial dentures, gum-colored composite of telescopic and implant work, complete dentures
  • Adaptation of temporary structures and tooth-colored resins: PMMA structures, long-term temporary


  • Structure with microfine particles
  • Homogeneous consistency
  • Extraordinary covering properties with thin thicknesses
  • High fluorescence
  • Calibrated dosage thanks to the thin tips of the cannulae


This set contains all components for authentic and individual characterizations of resins and ceramic-reinforced composites.

  • 15 colours, 1 ml each: White, Black, Red, A-Shade, B-Shade, Khaki, Orange, Blue Gray, Violet, Orange Brown, Dark Red Brown, Black Brown, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • 15 cannulas / 15 caps
  • Lite Art Clear Liquid, 6 ml
  • Uni Brush No. 5 (1 handle, 10 tips)
  • color table
  • Detailed product information



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