SHOFU Dura Green Tips DIA HP

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Tip: CY5
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Diamond abrasive tips for ceramic, zirconium, disilicate, metal. Suitable for the processing of all ceramic surfaces, for the creation of thin anatomical parts or the finishing of delicate marginal areas. Thanks to their fine diamond structure, Dura-Green DIA has a more homogeneous surface and longer life when processing ceramic and zirconium restorations compared to silicon carbide instruments. Operation with little vibration and limited heat development ensure optimal abrasive efficiency, without the risk of chipping or microcracks. Suitable for roughing and finishing direct restorations in ceramic, integral zirconium or zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate, aluminum oxide, pressed and layered ceramics, metal surfaces.

Pack of:

CY5 of 2 pieces

FL3 of 3 pieces

3pcs IC5

KN7 of 2 pieces

RD2 of 3 pieces

RD3 of 3 pieces

3 piece TC2

3 piece TC4

WH6 of 2 pieces

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