SHOFU Resin Glaze Liquid

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Resin Glaze, a light-curing temporary surface resin coating, has been developed to simplify final finishing processes by providing a natural aesthetic glaze on a range of indirect composite resin restorations, acrylic dentures and artificial teeth, as well as hybrid ceramics. Particularly suitable for coating and protecting difficult to access/polish areas of restorations.

6ml bottle

It works in two steps:

  1. The primer increases the adhesion of the lacquer on materials such as composite and PMMA, even milled ones
  2. The liquid permanently polishes creating a bright and durable polish


  • Remarkable color stability: minimizes discoloration after optimal light curing
  • High level of surface polymerization: minimal residual monomer
  • Excellent surface gloss
  • Greater durability and wear resistance

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