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SmileLite MDP2 Full Set

€749,90 + IVA

The SmileLite MDP2 is a plug & play device that is very easy to use and does not require a special App, calibration process or specific instruction. It will allow you to drastically improve your results with your smartphone camera… very easily.

It will quickly become a mandatory tool for you:
- Photos to take the shade
- Daily communication with the laboratory
- Communication with patients
- Short video clips
- Patient documentation
- Artistic images

SmileLite MDP2 can be considered as a "mini photographic studio" and is equipped with three groups of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): each group can be illuminated individually. A dimmer function gives you the ability to set four different lighting levels. The back of the SmileLite MDP2 is equipped with a universal adapter that is adjustable and fits any smartphone of
a width between 55-85mm.


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