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LightBuilder 4K 3D printer

€3.100,00 + IVA

Precise, fast, reliable and easy-to-use LCD printer.

Chamber with constant temperature of 28C° which ensures maximum ease of printing, repeatable performance and makes high viscosity materials fluid.


Heated room
Fast printing
Oled Touch Screen
Revolving door
Air filtering
6.6 Inches
Luminous uniformity
Ultra HD 4k 35μ

Technical data

Dimensions: 300x300x500 mm
Print volume: 143x89x150 mm
LCD Resolution: 4098x2560 (4k mono)
Interface: 5 inch touch screen
Layer Height: 0.025 - 0.1mm
Printing Speed: 50mm/h
Wavelength: 405nM
Slicer Software: Chitubox - Lychee Slicer
File Transmission: Wifi - USB
Supported Files: Stl, Obj, Slc
Voltage: 240V/110V 50Hz
Power: 200W
Weight: 17 kg

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