Steril Quick Medical ASPIR 5lt

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STERIL QUICK medical ASPIR is specific for the disinfection and cleansing of the circuit and collection tank of surgical aspirators in dental surgeries. It should be used daily at the end of the working day to eliminate encrustations and residues resulting from blood and saliva deposits.


ASPIR is a disinfectant based on ortho-phenylphenol, a synthetic phenolic derivative. It has a high disinfectant power, proving effective on: bacteria, fungi, tubercle bacillus, lipophilic viruses (Adeno, Herpes, Vaccine, Influenza). Laboratory studies also show its ability to inactivate HIV, HBV, HCV. The action of ASPIR is not neutralized by the presence of organic material. Under conditions of use, the product does not damage the suction pump and treated pipes. It has anti-foaming properties.


ASPIR is a concentrated product, to be diluted at the time of use. Dilute 4% in water (40 cc in one liter) and aspirate the solution. If the dental practice is not equipped with an automatic emptying suction system, empty the collection tank and place it back in its place at the end of the working day. Aspirate the prepared solution, which will remain in the tank for approximately 24 hours. At the end of the following day repeat the operation.


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