Steril Quick madical SPRAY MAX

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STERIL QUICK medical SPRAY MAX is indicated for the deep and rapid disinfection (between one patient and another) of handpieces, surfaces, instrument trays, lamps, chairs and sinks of dental units, operating tables and all non-invasive medical devices.

SPRAY MAX is a very broad spectrum disinfectant, it is effective against bacteria,
fungi, lipophilic viruses (Adeno, Herpes, Vaccine, Influenza), HIV, HBV, HCV, TB and legionella, also ensuring an effective bactericidal and sporostatic action. It is a product based on benzalkonium chloride in association with chlorhexidine gluconate and ethanol in special formulations, which in combination with the excipients give maximum stability and virucidal efficacy.
It does not irritate the respiratory tract, does not stain surfaces, does not corrode synthetic fabrics and plastic materials, and has a pleasant scent.


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