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Practical course on Art Oral KM ceramics

Practical course on Art Oral KM ceramics

12 and 13 October 2024 | Reox Course Room

Course Programme

  • Theoretical presentation of ArtOral KM ceramics
  • Analysis and treatment of the structure
  • Vision of the key steps for stratification
  • Pre-stratification structure treatment
  • Step by step layering of a central up ceramic metal
  • Finishing and polishing
  • View and analysis of the works carried out
  • Discussion - Closing of work

The course will be held in Italian, with possible live translation into English if requested

Fees and Registrations

€700+VAT (registration and balance by 05/10/2024)

By 08/17/2024 €500+VAT (50% payment + balance by 10/05/2024)

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