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Innovation and Excellence in Dentistry with AFG by Alberto Battistelli
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Innovation and Excellence in Dentistry with AFG by Alberto Battistelli


Since 1991, the Reox company has stood out in providing cutting-edge products and equipment in the field of dental prosthetics, offering not only high-quality materials but also assistance and training services. Today, in a context of change and innovation, Reox hosts a revolutionary course led by Alberto Battistelli, the creator of AFG, an innovative process for creating teeth based on precise numerical approaches.

The AFG Course and the Dental Revolution:

At the Reox headquarters, a pioneering course is held which involves the Bonamigo dental laboratory in Cassola, in the province of Vicenza. What makes this event unique is the participation of all laboratory members in this course, a clear signal of how well-defined processes and organization can be the key to success in the dental technology sector.

Alberto Battistelli, well-known creator of AFG, guides the young talents of Bonamigo through a path that goes beyond the simple creation of teeth. AFG presents itself as an innovative technique that not only standardizes the productive thinking of dental forms but fits perfectly into company systems, providing a coherent and advanced methodology.

The Union between Laboratory and Dental Practice:

Particularly significant is the presence of three medical dentist customers of the Bonamigo laboratory, demonstrating how the adoption of processes such as AFG can be a connecting factor between production and practical application in the dental practice. This synergy between laboratory and practice creates a production and application chain that benefits both the dental technician team and the final patient.

The Success of Organized Processes:

The course represents an important step towards the adoption of organized and innovative processes in the dental sector. The enthusiasm of the participants demonstrates how successful organization and knowledge are the key to progress. The AFG methodology not only improves the quality of final products but also provides a systemic framework that fosters dental excellence globally.


Reox, always at the forefront of innovation, confirms itself as a promoter of positive change in the dental sector. The course with Alberto Battistelli is a tangible example of how the company supports laboratories in constantly improving, guaranteeing dental excellence that goes far beyond the production of prosthetics. The AFG revolution represents just the beginning of a journey that is shaping the future of dentistry.

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