€115,00 + IVA
Dimensions: 12
Color: A2

KATANA Avencia Block is a new type of nano-ceramic reinforced composite developed by combining organic/inorganic technology and the experience we have gained over years of development and work with restorative materials. It is the result of a revolutionary technology applied to the organic and inorganic component: the nanometric fillers (with the incredible size of only 20 nanometers) are subjected to high pressure pressing from which an aggregate block with an extremely dense and compact structure is obtained. In the next production phase, the resin monomer is infiltrated and heat-polymerized under pressure. This innovative hybrid ceramic overcomes the limits of conventional composites, ensuring brilliant and long-lasting surfaces, extraordinary mechanical resistance and safe adhesion with PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal.

Reliable adhesion of KATANA™ AVENCIA™ Block can be achieved with the use of PANAVIA™ V5 or PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal, the latest addition to the PANAVIA™ family.

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