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SHOFU Beautifil Flow Plus

€65,00 + IVA

Flowable hybrid composite with two viscosities: this composite for anterior and posterior reconstructions allows the creation of direct restorations with excellent self-leveling properties and extraordinary physical characteristics, in no way inferior to those of conventional hybrid composites. Beautifil Flow Plus It is available with two different viscosities, F00 and F03, for reconstructions and fillings.


  • F00 – Zero Flow
    Excellent shape stability, ideal reconstruction: the viscosity of F00 is so minimal that the material does not deform during layering. With this easy-to-work composite it is possible to reconstruct the occlusal morphology with the marginal bands and cusps in a simple and precise way. Advantages: The material flows well during application, but remains stable after modeling.
  • F03 – Low Flow
    Medium shape stability and viscosity, optimal flow capacity: F03, with its self-levelling property, manages to completely moisten the walls of the cavity and is therefore particularly suitable for reconstructions, both for the first layer on the bottom of the cavity and for the filling of small occlusal cavities or for cervical fillings.


  • Complete system for all indications of restorative and conservative dentistry
  • Simplified use with direct application
  • Compatible with all conventional adhesives
  • Wide color range for aesthetic restorations
  • Excellent polishability and long-lasting shine
Product: F00
Color: A1
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